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The Jive Remixes

by Natural Rhythm NRM015

We have some incredible 2017 remixes of the Natural Rhythm's first record, The Jive" from 1998 on Earthtones Recordings. This package includes remixes by some legends in house music including Phil Weeks (Paris), Hector Moralez (Spain), Jason Hodges (Toronto), John Mörk (Chicago) and Natural Rhythm (Los Angeles). Global Release: August 18, 2017


We are natural rhythm


Producer, Composer, DJ / Thomas White
Producer, Composer, DJ / Pete Williams


Based in Orange County, California, we found ourselves independently inspired to learn to DJ in the early nineties. Shortly after meeting at a DJ gig we formed a connection to each other based on underground house music which has grown into a lifelong partnership. From our earliest studio ventures in 1996 to present day, we have kept a core direction for our sound. Deep, driving underground house rhythms with a soul funk flavor incorporating analog synthesizer textures over some swinging 4x4 beats. Along the way we've been lucky to work with some amazing musicians over the years; Some of whom include Dean DeCosta, Patrick Bailey, Sandra Lima and Royden Vigilance.