Teenage engineering op-1 PATCHES

Here is a free library of various "Synth" and "Drum" sampler patches I have created for my beloved Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer. Below you will find playlists of sounds located on my Soundcloud page. Each sound patch can be previewed and downloaded for loading into your OP-1 synthesizer. Simple download the sound, connect your OP-1 via USB and drag to the user folders. Or, you can download them for your favorite DAW. - djthomaswhite




op-1 Tutorials

From day one of owning my Teenage Engineering OP-1, I wanted to share what I learned about it, as I learned it. I have created an extensive library of tutorials and examples that can be found on my YouTube channel. Linked below are a handful of the more popular videos, with many more available on YouTube. - djthomaswhite