The Jive Returns on August 18!

Natural Rhythm's 1st record makes a return in 2017 with incredible remixes from around the globe. 1st released on Jamie Thinnes' Earthtones Recordings (now Seasons Recordings) back in 1998 as catalog number 001, The Jive made a worldwide impact on dance floors and garnered a lot of attention from the press at the same time. It is Natural Rhythm's biggest release to date. Now, with the support of some super-talented friends, The Jive is heading back to those dance floors.

  • Phil Weeks went deep into his MPC sampler to flip the samples into a super funky arrangement, starting with a tribute to the classic grove but with a wonderful change up right in the middle, building new excitement and energy into the back half of the mix.
  • Hector Moralez forms layers on layers of tones, all edited and effected while being placed gracefully over a seriously deep bassline for a truly head spinning version that will resonate with full dancefloors.
  • Jason Hodges brings the SP-1200 grit and grime to his super dirty mix, working with a stomping beat arrangement, devastating bassline and hypnotic pulsing atmosphere driving the mix forward with a focused message coming from the vocal samples.
  • John Mörk took a more stripped down in tempo but upping the funk approach, completely rebuilding a groove that fits with the classic “We want to be free” vocal samples for a funk soul killer.
  • Natural Rhythm bring their own heat with a remix and dub paying tribute to the original, but bringing updated beat arrangements, edits and bass elements to their most classic song.

We hope you find a groove you can get behind in this remixed vision of the past that holds some future truth for you and your own dance floor vision. Global Release Date: August 18, 2017 but you can pre-order one or all versions on beatport today: