Vinyl Classics Two is Coming Soon!

Natural Rhythm's next LP, "Vinyl Classics Two" is coming soon to Natural Rhythm Music. The first Vinyl Classics was a big hit and the next volume is sure to bring light to many tracks from the peak of the vinyl era of house music. Tracks on the album include:

  1. "Fall" from Dufflebag Recordings, USA
  2. "Freaky Antigua" from Life Music, USA
  3. "Think Mode (Redux)" from Safe In Sound Music, USA
  4. "4U" from Under The Counter, UK
  5. "Give It To You" from Amenti Music, USA
  6. "Rare" from Dufflebag Recordings, USA
  7. "Bumpin Downtown" from Blockhead Recordings, USA
  8. "In Key" From Fast Forward Recordings, France
  9. "Paging Doctor Johnson" from After School Records, USA
  10. "The Moment" from Large Music, USA

"Vinyl Classic Two" should be in digital stores around the world in spring 2017.