Love Ammo is coming for NRM013

NRM013 Release Overview – “13” must be our lucky number, as we feel fortunate to introduce the west coast duo know as Love Ammo. Love Ammo is Knoe1, with his disco infused but provocatively deep production and Israel on vocals and keyboards. This deep and mighty EP has everything we love about deep and soulful house music. Love Ammo had us hooked immediately, and we know many house music lovers will feel the same way we did when first hearing these jams.

Track Listing:

  1. Thru My Eyes (Original)
  2. Thru My Eyes (NRM Remix)
  3. Thru My Eyes (NRM Dub)
  4. Alive N Direct (Knoe1 Dub)

Release Date: Monday, April 10, 2017

Release details – Thru My Eyes is a deep house journey, reminiscent of some of the legendary producers of deep, soulful house. The lush pads, atmospheric saxophone and the buttery vocal styles of Israel are the focal points of this beautiful original track production. Natural Rhythm provides two remixes upping the pulsation factor for dancefloors. The NRM Remix kicks off with jackin’ beats, a thick chord pulse and an infectiously bleeping acid groove that drives the deep vibe forward. As it evolves, the acid line and vocal weaves their way in and out, blending along with the swinging rhythm and dubbed out sax making for a heady groover. The NRM Dub lays down snappy percussion and a deep bass line to establish some savory funk flavor. Add in some well-placed vocal snippets, hypnotic pads and a smooth vocal breakdown this one will do the trick at any time of night. Last but not least we have Alive and Direct (Knoe1 Dub). This is a classic percussive and bass driven cut, showcasing an incredible keyboard solo with real mind-melting potential on a sound system, building into full dubbed out bliss.